Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Day Pregnant.

Well folks...
I'm getting induced tomorrow.
It was a slightly long process of praying and talking to one another, but we've come to the conclusion that we feel good about it and are going for it.
Obviously it's all super exciting!!

But once it settled in more it got me thinking, "wow...this is my last day being pregnant.  This is my last day being able to go wherever whenever.  This is my last day not being completely and utterly smitten by a tiny, little soul.  Have I done everything I wanted to do?  Have I 'lived my life?'"

And the answer is: Yes.  Yes I have.

I know I'm sure I will go through some sort of identity crisis when I'm home and have a screaming baby, but overall I feel pretty good.
Up to this point, I've had an awesome life.
I've graduated high school.
I went to the college of my dreams.
I graduated from the college of my dreams.
I went on girl trips, went home for paradise summers, and worked at my favorite church youth camp for 5 years.
I've gotten promoted twice at my current job and while being there have witnessed multiple miracles.
And of course I married my handsome man who loves me bounteously.

The biggest concern he had while figuring out to induce tomorrow was "I want to make sure you'll be ok and that you have the experience that YOU want."
What a guy.
Love that Alex.

So yes.
I have lived my life.  And I've loved it.
Yes, my life will drastically change.
OUR lives will drastically change.
But when we were deciding to get pregnant, we knew it was the next step in our lives and we strongly felt like we were doing the right thing.

So here we go on our next adventure!
I can't wait to kiss the little face that is currently in my belly.
I already love him so.

(now off to get a mani and pedi so I'll at least have some good looking nails amidst all the laborness.)