Friday, October 5, 2012

Rach and Bryce's Wedding!

This past weekend Alex and I hit up Oakland, CA for a wedding!
Our friend, Rachel, had decided to tie the knot at the LDS temple there (which was breathtaking by the way) and of course our EFY group just had to be there to support her!
Kate flew in to UT from GA and she, myself, Alex, Nina, and Nina's bf, Ricky, hit the road!
Ashley met us there and when we pulled in, the group was complete!
Even though we got in at 2 am, we couldn't go to sleep because we were having too much fun being together!
I swear, there is nothing better than being at such a happy event, as a wedding, with people that uplift you, make you laugh, and help you be your best self.
Being bridesmaids with these ladies was the best thing!
 Nina, Ash, Rach, me, Kate.

If there could be anything wrong with this weekend, it was that it went by WAY too fast!
Before I knew it, Ash & Kate were on planes, and the rest of us were on our way back to the Wasatch Front.
 I feel like this picture is so perfect for the 5 of us.
And of course this handsome fella was lookin' mighty fine all weekend. :)

In all seriousness, I am so happy for Rachel.
It is so amazing watching someone you care about enter in to such a covenant as eternal marriage.
Even though I've only been married for a short time, I can already feel the power that comes from the covenant I made with Heavenly Father and Alex.
It takes work.  Oh, it takes work.
But when it's someone you love with all your heart, the work is not a burden.
I only wish the best for Rachel and Bryce.
They are so perfect for each other!
I want nothing more for her than to have the most fulfilling, happy life.

Nina is soon to follow. :)
3 out of 5 are taken care of...
C'mon Ash and Katers, pick 'em good. :)