Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life long dream!

TODAY (ok...well LATE tonight...basically tomorrow)...
I head to the Big Apple!
BUT...I have to be at the airport at 10pm so it still feels like today.
Then we head out at 11:55pm, and 4.5 hours later...I'll be there!
I've been so giddy all morning!
I could not sleep well last night and woke up before my alarm.
I'm at work right now, go to a reception with Alex, head home to finish packing, then to the airport I go.
This day seems like it will never end since I'm so anxious!
I am so excited for this trip filled with Broadway, sight seeing, shopping, exploring, and family time!

The one VERY big downer is that I won't have my sweet husband with me.
But since it's a girl's boys allowed.
I feel terrible though with the thought of leaving his handsome face for 8 whole days.
Last night I went grocery shopping to get him all stocked up for the time I'm away.
I even got him a lot of goodies: pizzas, ice cream, wheat thins (sundried tomato and basil, duh), pringles (multigrain), hot cheetos, apple juice (the only way to go when your blood sugar drops. :)
The lady at the check out line asked if I was having a party.
Haha, nope...just feel bad about going on this extravaganza without him. :(
But, it just means I'll be all prepped for when we can come together!

Wish me luck!
Here I go on this midnight train to Georgia...or plane to New York...:)