Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stare of the Gaga! BAHAHA.

I'm sorry, but I bust up laughing every single time I look at this picture from the Grammy's last week.
(L to R: Lady Gaga, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton)

Seriously though, does this picture not crack you up?
WHY on earth would you put the Gaga next to the Miranda and Blake newlyweds?
Not only are they not in the same genre of music, but they are so TOTALLY opposite.
Lady Gaga is totally checking out Blake, Blake looks a tad uncomfortable with it, and Miranda is just trying to forget the fact that they got put next to Gaga.
The awkwardness is seeping out of this photo.

I hope Lady Gaga won't be in your nightmares after looking at her.
She straight up looked like the Grim Reaper at the Grammy's.
She needs to come to New Haven fast!
That girl's got some serious identity issues.

One thing I do love that Lady Gaga gave us is "Poker Face" so then Glee could remake it with Lea Michele and Idina Menzel.