Friday, August 6, 2010

eternal love.

Let's rewind. Say, 5 years.
September something, 2005.
I was a Freshman at BYU and my Freshman ward had their opening social.
I was in a wheelchair due to an unfortunate event which resulted in me tumbling down a mountain and breaking my foot. [Don't go hiking at night in flip flops. Been there, done that...not a good idea.]
Anyways, much to my dismay I had to meet my Freshman ward in a boot and wheelchair/crutches...whichever I was feeling. Don't you friends and I made MUCH use of those toys.Anyways...back to the social. That was the first time I met the majority of my ward (that I grew to love with all my heart) and my Bishopric.
Bishop Hatch.
Brother Mott.
Brother Shepherd.
What incredible men!
Brittany and I instantly connected with Brother Shepherd, but I still remember Bishop Hatch coming up to me and shaking my hand and asking about my foot.
From there on I had the best Freshman year.
Our ward was awesome! We had THE best activities every month and everyone became so tight. Some of my most fond memories from my time here at BYU were during that year.

I saw Bishop Hatch from time to time after Freshman year ended.
He and his wife, AnneMarie, would come into Magleby's every so often, so we would chat.
Or I would see him walking across campus. (He was a Professor in the English Department.)
I always loved seeing him and his wife together though.
They had so much love for each other.
Every testimony meeting when he was my Bishop, he always said how he was grateful for AnneMarie and that he loved her.

It had been awhile since the last time I'd seen Bishop Hatch, but in the beginning of May, I picked up the BYU newspaper and read something I did not expect.
Bishop had passed away unexpectedly on May 1, 2010.
I did not believe it at first.
I thought, "There must be another Gary Hatch."
But as I kept on reading, it was him.
I started crying right there in the middle of the Wilk.
How could this happen?
What about his family?
I didn't know what to think anymore.

Shortly after that I was at the new Magleby's in Lindon when the wives of my Freshman Bishopric walked in, including AnneMarie Hatch.
I got super nervous.
I knew who they were, but I did not expect them to know had been over 4 years since the last time I'd seen all of them.
As they came up to order I was thinking, "Do I say hi? Do I say who I am? Do I ask if she's alright?"
As they all ordered I just acted normal, but once the last one went through I told her who I was and that I didn't know what to say earlier because of the passing of Bishop Hatch.
She got SO excited and was SO glad I had said something.
She said that today was Bishop's wedding anniversary, so that's why they were with AnneMarie.
I about crumbled up in a ball of tears right there.
She said I HAD to go say hi to AnneMarie.
So towards the end of their meal I went up to their table and said hi.
She was so sweet and gracious.
She was grateful to hear that her husband had made a difference in my life.
As I walked back behind the counter I just started thinking about what a mess I would be if such a thing happened in my life.
How do you get up in the morning?
How do you keep on living?
How do you get through the day?

Just tonight, 2 months later, AnneMarie came back into work. This time with her circle of friends from THEIR Freshman year at BYU. SO FUN! They were all so funny and you could tell were so happy to be around each other.
AnneMarie was very sweet, said hi, and remembered my name. She looked better than last time I saw her. She still had her wedding ring on. (I would've too if I were her.)
They sat at the big, round table and were there for three hours!
They were having a grand time!
I hope someday I can do that same thing with my dear friends from college.
AnneMarie came up and asked if I would take a picture of them, which of course I did.
They left shortly after that, but not without another smile from her as she looked back to say thank you.
Gosh...I was such a sap.
My eyes welled up with tears as soon as they walked out the doors.
How does she do it?
How is she still able to get up, do her hair, put on makeup, get dressed, and get out there every day?
But then for the rest of my shift tonight I thought about how she does it.
That's how she does it.
She knows that Bishop is on the other side waiting for her.
She knows that they are still married.
She knows that they will live together forever.
She believes in her temple covenants.
She believes in the concept of eternal love.
She loves him more today than she did yesterday, and he does too.

I was so grateful for the time I had to reflect on the temple and eternal marriage.
I am seriously SO grateful for the gospel and the peace it brings to our lives.
I am grateful for endless love and I am so excited to have that as my own one day.
I am grateful for parents who have an eternal marriage, who keep their temple covenants, and raised us girls to know they love each other no matter what...for eternity.
Bishop Hatch, Thank you.
Thank you for being an example in my life and in the lives of all you touched while being a Bishop of the BYU 14th Ward.
Your wife is alright. She's as beautiful as always.
We all miss you and love you.


Krista said...

love you baby. eternally. xo

Beth said...

Great post, Kayc. Sometimes I wonder how long I'll get to be with my hubby in this life, and it makes me sad to think anything could happen to either of us- but then I remember that we ARE sealed forever, and nothing can break that. Yay for TRUE love. :)

Kevin & Ashley said...

Wow. Amazing post. She is strong and I love how strong you are Kaycie, in everything!!! I miss u! Text me! I got a new phone and lost all of my numbers and I was closer to your side of the country last week and wanted to text ya!