Monday, January 11, 2010

A Good Sunday.

Yesterday was seriously such a great Sunday! It started out with me having to wake up before the birds [which I don't even think are out this time of the year] to be at Charlotte Russe. We had floorset from 6am-12pm. Well...we ran over, but I finally left at 12:20. I do love floorsets. I really do. It gets frustrating having to rearrange the entire store and figuring out new ways to make the store look interesting [within the parameters our district manager gives us], but overall...we always have a good time and the shift flies by!

Then I went to church. It was good and all, but the climax was the closing song in Relief Society: "Our Savior's Love."I don't know what it was. The stillness in the room, just ladies singing, being close to my bestie, Leah...but wow. It was overwhelming and quite amazing. I think we all felt it. There was such a hush in the room when we stopped. No one wanted to get up. I felt very bonded to those girls and I gained a new appreciation for the spirit Relief Society has.

Then I had the pleasure to be in the presence of Elder Neil L. Anderson...he came to speak at the CES fireside at the Marriott Center. That is one thing I'm truly grateful for while being here at BYU. I love having opportunities to be around the GA's of the church. He talked about our eternal destiny and remembering our purpose here in this life. It was inspiring. So minus my lack of some serious sleep...I feel rejuvenated.

I think my favorite verse in "Our Savior's Love" is the 2nd. So that is what I will leave y'all with.

The Spirit voice of goodness whispers to our hearts.
A better choice, than evil's anguished cries.
Loud may the sound of hope ring til all doubt departs.
And we are bound to Him, by loving ties.

Have a great Monday.


Lori said...

Hurrah for RS! Our Sabbath's were similar in spirit! Thank you so much for your inspiring words. Really! xo

Katie said...

Just found you blog! SUCH a cute picture!! How are you?