Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Infinite Atonement.

At the beginning of the new year, I decided I wanted to do my gospel study by topics instead of just reading cover to cover.
I feel like I could do this forever since there are SO many topics!
I knew my first topic needed to be the Atonement.
I've attempted to study it so many times, but always flake out.
I think mostly because, as wonderful as the Atonement is, I was afraid of it.
Yes.  Afraid of the Atonement.

1. Would I understand it?
2. And if I did understand, would I realize I haven't been truly grateful for it?
3. Also, if I did understand, would that put me at a higher standard and then not be able to make any more mistakes?

Ha...I know.
But those are thoughts that I've had and I'm sure you have had too!
But I committed to do it this time!
So for the past 2.5 months I have been reading scriptures based on Christ's atoning sacrifice and then slowly reading The Infinite Atonement by Tad Callister.
I wanted to read it slow so I could read the lines a few times.
I wanted to let it sink in.
I wanted to let myself not rush.
And even though I did do that, I still feel like I need to read it again!
haha...there's just SO much amazing info!

If you haven't read it...go get it!
It's so awesome!
He explains things in a simple, but profound way.
I also love how it goes beyond those few, final days in Christ's life.
Obviously without those few days we wouldn't have the Atonement.
But I loved how he showed how the Atonement relates to every little bit of our lives!
How the Atonement connects all the pieces.
How the Atonement makes our lives make sense.
And most importantly, how the Atonement is 100% about love, mercy, and progression.

I am so so grateful I didn't chicken out this time around.
I feel like I have SUCH a better grasp on the workings of the Atonement.
And yet, at the same time, realizing there IS so much, makes me feel like I haven't even scratched the surface!
BUT...I do know this:
I know "The Fall" was an essential part in Heavenly Father's plan.
I know that NO other being could have fulfilled the Atonement but the Savior.
I know the Atonement is infinite in power, depth, suffering, love, and coverage.  There is no person, no experience, and no suffering the Atonement can't cover.
I know because of the Atonement I am able to enjoy the blessings of freedom, repentance, resurrection, and then exaltation.
I cannot express to y'all how grateful I am that Christ suffered what He did so that I can have an exalted life after death with my family.
He never gave up.
He never stopped loving.
He even asked Heavenly Father in the midst of the suffering that if it were possible, to remove the bitter cup.
Heavenly Father did not remove it.
There was no other way.
So Christ continued on.
Any other person would have lost consciousness or even died from the pain.
But not Him.
He bled from every pore instead.
He HAD to know the suffering and infirmities of every, single person.
So now?
He can succor us.
And what greater blessing in this life can we have?
Life is hard.
It's so so so great, but sometimes it's so dang hard.
And that's when Christ can step in (if you let Him) so you can give your burdens to Him.

Kameron can't fully comprehend what Christ has done for him, but I KNOW that he feels of Christ's love.  And I KNOW that he knows who He is.
Anywhere we go that has a statue or picture of the Savior, Kam is pointing, wanting to get closer, and says "Jeesssus!"
He knows.
And I know.
And I am so grateful I know so that I can try the best I can to live, serve, and love.